AzureML to shutdown Notebooks in a few days

Where Google offers a Colab environment for AI experiments, including the use of a free GPU and support for Python notebooks, Microsoft had a comparable service with AzureML studio.

With a free account it was possible to run your Python Notebooks free of charge, but unfortunately this service will be shut down on the 13th of April, according to a service message on their platform. After logging in to it displays the following message as showed in the image above:

“The notebooks(preview) feature will be shut down at 4/13/2020. After shut down the notebooks tab will disappear and the notebooks data can not be restored. Please download your notebooks data before 4/13/2020. Click here to check how to download your data. If you have further question, contact us“.

However, without creating an account by logging in or entering credit card details, it is still possible to try out all the available features, including the visual ML flowchart builder.